We have a CLIA certified laboratory manned by trained personnel. This includes the necessary autoimmune antibody testing, which helps the physicians make accurate diagnoses. We utilize services of reputable reference labs, such as Quest for tests not available in our facility.


We have state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. This is managed by a certified radiology technician, who will make you feel at home. X-rays are read in the office by the physicians and in some cases by radiologists.

Bone Density

We have bone density services to diagnose osteoporosis. The technicians are certified by the Society of Clinical Bone Densitometry. Quality measurements are important to make an accurate diagnosis. The scans are interpreted by the physicians.

Infusion Center

We have a well designed infusion center to give medications, such as Remicade, in a comfortable setting. Experienced nurses provide close monitoring during the infusions. Televisions are located conveniently for your enjoyment.